Women of Banglatown

Art Classes

Taught by local women artists, girls and young women can participate in our free art workshops held each month. Some of our previous workshops have included paper making, ceramics, photography, bookmaking and painting.

Exercise Classes

Every third Sunday we host a free yoga class. Class is open to girls and young women 10+ years of age. Mats and water are provided.


Field Trips

Traveling to learn about community projects, the city of Detroit and women led spaces provides a new experience for many of our participates. Over the past few years we have gone on variety of different field trips. Some of our favorite experiences have been attending Flower House, Detroit Kite Festival and a Nick Cave performance.

Workshop Partnerships

Working along side local artists, entrepreneurs, and other non profits we have collaborated to bring a diverse collection of workshops to the community. Our partners have included the College for Creative Studies, Capturing Belief, Global Detroit, Burnside Farm, and Ceramics School.